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Culinary Education means inspiring someone's mind, not just filling their stomachs

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Introduction to Culinary Arts   -   Advanced Culinary Arts
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Food and Nutrition

Course Goal:  Food and Nutrition is a full year course that introduces the fundamental of safe and sanitary kitchen practices, kitchen equipment, tool usage and food preparation.  The goal of developing of a healthy eating life style through the exploration of dietary guidelines, recipe modification, and a healthy diet for fitness and well-being will be the emphasize of this course.  Career ready practices will be utilized to build positive work ethic skills.

Course Topics Include: Kitchen Safety, Kitchen Sanitation, Kitchen Appliances and Tools, Recipe Skills, Principles of Baking, Food Groups and Nutrients for Life. 

Introduction to Culinary Arts

Course Goal:  Introduction to Culinary Arts is a double-period course exploring kitchen safety, food service sanitation, basic cooking and baking techniques, culinary math and measurement skills, kitchen management skills, and the use and care of kitchen tools, appliances and equipment.  Positive completion of these areas of study combined with technology research and presentations will enable students to earn their ServSafe Foodhandlers' Certification and gain an entry level position in the foodservice branch of the hospitality industry. 

Course Topics IncludeKitchen Safety, Kitchen Sanitation, Kitchen Appliances, Tools and Equipment, Knife Cutting Skills, Reading Recipes, Culinary Terms and Techniques, Culinary Math and Measurement Skills, Ingredient Functions, Food Purchasing and Storage, Baking and Pastry Preparation – cookies, pies, cakes and breads, Grain Preparation, Eggs Preparation and Egg Function as Ingredients, Cooking Methods, Protein Preparation, Culinary Sales and Orders.


Advanced Culinary Arts


Course Goal:  A full year double period course designed to engage students in learning activities that build positive work ethics, critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving skills needed to function successfully as both global citizens and workers in the culinary career field. Students will explore and apply learning to real life challenges, utilizing hands on experiences designed to strengthen  culinary skills and leadership abilities, time management skills, organizational skills, communication skills, and teamwork.


This course is intended to give students a broad scope of culinary experiences. It will introduce the fundamentals of kitchen safety and sanitation, preparation equipment, reading recipes, food preparation techniques, cooking methods, food service and time management.  Intensive hands-on experiences include food preparation production and distribution of food projects for sale and community service.  The course intent is to prepare students for introductory jobs in the food service industry and/or continued culinary education. The ServSafe Certification Exam will be administrated.


Course Topics Include: Kitchen Safety, Kitchen Sanitation, Employability and Career Development, Tools and Equipment, Reading Recipes, Knife Cutting Skills, Culinary Terms and Techniques, Culinary Math and Measurement Skills, Ingredient Functions, Food Purchasing and Storage, Catering and Event Planning, Baking and Pastry, Sauces and Stock Preparation, Candy Preparation, Grain Preparation, Eggs-Poultry Protein Preparation and Introduction to the Food Service Industry.