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Complete three Google Docs Quizzes, screenshot or photo, then watch 2 videos

Computer Applications II - Q4 Exam

Computer Applications II- Q4 Exam


You will be creating, scheduling, hosting, and advertising an event at a Banquet Hall using the Google Applications that you learned from the beginning of the Second Semester until now. You will have 5 Projects to do.

In Google Drive, create a folder named "Computer Apps 2 Final." You are to save all the projects in this folder and email it to Mr. Woodring once finished.

Project 1

In Google Docs, write out a letter to a Banquet Hall of your choice. In this form, address the Banquet Hall you are choosing (ex. Chandelier, Nanina's, etc) and your contact information (Name, Phone Number, Email, etc.) Make sure that this request form includes a brief explanation of what your event is about, the day and time of when you want it to be scheduled, an estimate of how many people are attending, and what materials you want to be at the event (A DJ, a band, etc.). Be sure to indicate in this letter that you want to make your own menu for the event. To check for proper grammar, download the extension Grammarly.

Click Here for Example of Letter

Project 2

In Google Sheets, come up with a Cost Sheet. Include cost of renting the banquet hall, the menu cost (1 amount per menu, do not do price per item) a menu that has just Beverages, Entrees, and Desserts has a base price of $200, every new component adds another $100 (Appetizers: $100, Snacks: $100). If you are hiring a DJ, bartender, or a band include the price of that also. Include price of each person attending. (For example, if it is $40 per person and 10 people are attending, do $40x10). Calculate the Total Cost for everything that you are including. Use the =SUM function to calculate for total cost and the =MULTIPLY function to calculate for 6% tax. Then create a chart showing the different costs.

Example for Project 2

Renting Banquet Hall








Project 3

In Google Sites, create a small website about your event. Include a Home Page, a Contact Page, an About Page, and a Menu Page. In the Home Page, have the title of your event, pictures of the Banquet Hall and pictures that explain your event. For example, if you are scheduling a Gaming Tournament include pictures of the game and the console that it will be on (PS4, XBOX, etc.). Under the title include the date and time of the event. In the Contact Page, include your first and last name, your email, and your phone number as well as the Banquet Hall's contact information and address. In the About Page, provide pictures that pertain to your event as well as a detailed explanation of your event. Be sure to include any raffles, prizes, contests, etc. in your description of the event. Also be sure to include if there will be a DJ, Bartending, Catering, etc. Finally in the Menu Page, create a custom menu for this event that includes Snacks, Appetizers, Entrees, Desserts, and Beverages. Include pictures of some foods and separate the food into categories.

Project 4

In Google Drawings, create an invitation that advertises your event. Include the date and time it is scheduled, pictures of the Banquet Hall, the address of the Banquet Hall, an RSVP Number and your Name. In Google Calendar, schedule your event and provide a link on the invitation. Once finished, share the invitation with Mr. Woodring and 5 of your classmates.

Project 5

In Google Forms, create a survey asking the people who attended your event how their experience was and if they had an enjoyable time . Make the Form at least 10 questions, using at least one multiple choice question and one short answer question. Once you are done, email this to Mr. Woodring and the 5 classmates you emailed the invitation slip to.

Extra Credit

Please look up extensions on Chrome that would support your projects

2 points added for each extension stated.

Good Luck on your exam and please ask if you have any questions

Mr. Woodring


On June 20th after school we will be getting Google Certified

Here is the link to register:


Financial Literacy Sub Plans for 6/7-Thursday

Here are some questions to review for the quarterly, please answer with a well written answer using vocabulary related to the question.

1)     Use the Rule of 72 to calculate how many years it will take to double your money at these interest rates: 3 percent, 6 percent, and 7 percent?

2)     What is phishing? How can you recognize it?

3)     Explain the difference between a traditional IRA and a Roth IRA.

4)     What is the New York Stock Exchange? How does it differ from the NASDAQ?

5) Identify some ways you could modify your budget if you continue to have a deficit at the end of the month

Please email me answers when complete at

Please work on worksheets when complete, thank you


Sub Plans - 6/6 / Wednesday, Both Computer Apps II and Financial Literacy

Computer Apps II Class
Create an invitation for a party at a banquet hall
Start a Fathers Day card on Google Drawings
Financial Literacy Class
Work on  Review sheets for Quarterly, Review sheets are on Website
Please email me with evidence of work for quiz grade
Thank you

Review for Quarterly 4 /Final -Financial Literacy, Complete All for 400 point project grade! :)

  / please complete and screenshot for grade

Objective: In this lesson, students will learn basic auto and homeowner insurance concepts.
Students will get this knowledge through the use of
an online educational tool for students who want to learn about auto and homeowner insurance overages. The tool helps the student gain an understanding of the financial impact of common events and how having insurance coverage can reduce that impact.
 Personal financial literacy. The student applies critical-thinking skills to analyze the costs and benefits of personal financial decisions. The student is expected to:
Evaluate the costs and benefits of buying insurance; and
Personal financial literacy. The student understands how to provide for basic needs while living within a budget. The student is expected to:
Evaluate the costs and benefits of buying a home;