Hola a todo el mundo.

My name is Ms. Filgueiras and I have been teaching at Belleville High School for 15 years. I have taught in Paramus High School, and Rutherford High School; but I was enamored with the complexity of the students at Belleville High School. I have had so many situations in this high school that would make any typical person run away. However, I got to know the student's at Belleville and loved the dynamic personalities that they have. I have learned so much from them, and I absolutely love teaching here. My most important point to make is that I want the kids to feel like we are a family. I want them to have the sensation that they are "home" while in my room. The idea is to make them feel comfortable, and then they open up, and end up learning so much faster than even they expected. I keep the class very bright, and clean, and I have many beautiful things in the classroom to peak their interest. I hope they like me, but my main concern is that they learn. I am very assertive and direct. I scare people with my honesty, but these young adults appreciate it. I want to prepare them for the real world. I hope we have a great year, and should you need anything, please reach out. I love what I do. This job is definitely my life calling.