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In Memoria Dei Tempi Antichi  

 " Friedrich Nietzsche: Il futuro influenza il  presente tanto quanto il passato"

Salve, my name is Maria Antonietta Terlizzi, and I am originally from Marano di Napoli a city in the south of Campania, a region in Italy. I begin my personal page by remembering why I became an Italian teacher.... a "Professoressa" as you would say in Italian. It is because of educators who believed in giving humans the highest gift…giving intellectual stimulation in order to achieve success, growth and creativity. I am grateful to these fine human beings   who contributed in various ways, including my elementary "Maestra... Neola Carmela, my "Professore Dottor Paolo Possiedi", and Professor Brad Graves. My teaching philosophies stem from their excellent tutelage and high regard for education, its learning process, and creativity. I am also grateful to all of the students that attend the Belleville High School because it is they who give purpose and meaning to our global and political evolutionary changes within our society. I became a teacher so my students can look upon the past, live the present while shaping their lives into successful and diplomatic citizens. I finished my formal education here in the United States. I hold a BA in Fine Arts and a BA in Italian from Montclair State University. Upon completing my studies, I was departing the United States to return to Italy, however, I never left due to a phone call and a lofty and challenging position to fulfill; I accepted the position to help out. I started my teaching career by accepting a position funded by the (IACE) Italian-American Committee on Education in New York City  and accepting an elementary position at Adelai Stevenson in Fairfield, New Jersey. I was honored and privileged to work with Dr. Katherine Duncan/Principal and Assunta Violante/Supervisor of the World Language Department. I was given the opportunity to teach and loved teaching children and the subject. I have 19 years of teaching experience in various levels as a World Language Educator. I presently teach Italian IIA,Italian III H, Italian AP IV. I work with an excellent team of World Language Educators and skillful administrators. I am presently working on my second Art Exhibit and, when not teaching, I am passionately designing architectural/sculptural happenings thru massive stones. Wishing all educators, staff members, students, parents and administrators a wonderful and productive year.

      This page is also dedicated to one of my former  "studente"..... who wanted to be a strong tree in life... and not a soft flower...

You have inspired me in many ways.... I am dedicating a  painting in your name and in your past memories... 

“In Bocca Al Lupo”….Good Luck! I can be reached at     ~working email  

 Respectfully, Maria Antonietta Terlizzi  




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Letter of Recommendation Questionnaire

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Students: Please answer the following questions to provide your teacher/Mrs. Terlizzi with insights for your letter of recommendation. Type the following information, questions, and response in a word document so it will be easy to read. Submit your answers to your teacher as a hard copy or via email; keep a copy on your computer’s hard drive. Thank you J You have done an excellent job, please continue with your hard work and studies.