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Mathematics Teacher

My name is Mrs. Anita Sbarra and I am a math teacher at Belleville High School. This my 30th year teaching in the Belleville district. I look forward to sharing many rewarding experiences for my students during this school year. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I can be reached at Thank you for your support! Have a great year!

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Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy

As you may have heard by now, I am retiring from 33 years of teaching in the Belleville school district on 7-1-18. It has a been a pleasure to teach the students at Belleville High School since 1985. I have very fond memories of all of my students. Many of them have gone on to have successful careers and bright futures. Even a few of them have followed in my footsteps and have become successful math teachers! I will forever be grateful for all of the wonderful experiences at BHS. The staff here is incredible, always there for their students when they needed it the most. I know that the friendships I have made here will last a lifetime. I will see you all on graduation night. Please stop by in the gymnasium to say goodbye! I will be on the field, during the ceremony, with the graduates this year. Best wishes for a relaxing summer and a great school year next year!
Mrs. A. Sbarra

Quarterly Assessments for MP#4

All math classes will be taking their quarterly exam on Friday, June 15, 2018. The material from Chap. 8, 9, and 10 will be included on this exam. Students are now in possession of the quarterly review sheet and matching solution guide. Any questions, please feel free to see me after school. Good luck!

Upcoming Due Dates for 6/4-6/6: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

All Classes (including academic, honors and Academy): These dates will be strictly enforced; there will be NO EXCEPTIONS!!
6/4 Video Logs for MP#4 (maximum number is 15)
6/5 Quarterly Review Sheet #4 (counts as 3 separate HW assignments)
6/6 Activities 31-35 with supporting cosine graphs (counts as 1 test grade)

Graphing Calculator Activities #31-35 with Graphs Due Wed June 6th

All Pre-Calculus classes, including academic, honors, and academy classes, will submit their graphing calculator packets for sine and cosine functions by Wed. June 6. No late packets will be accepted.

Video Logs for MP #4 Due Monday, June 4th

All classes will submit their final video logs for mp#4 by Monday, June 4. Please be advised that no more video logs will be accepted after this date. 

Tests for Fri 5/18 Rescheduled for Mon 5/22

The NJSLA test is being given on Friday, May 18 and Monday, May 21. As a result, our room is being used a testing room so we will be moving to another location. I have moved up all tests for Pre-calc Academic, Academy, and Honors classes to Tuesday, May 22. Please see me if you should have any questions.
Also, the mp#4 project for the Academy class will be moved up to Wednesday, May 23.
If there are any other changes, I will let you know. Mrs. Sbarra

Take Home Test (9-3) and (9-4) Pre Calc H and Academy

Pre Calculus Honors and Academy classes will complete their take-home tests tonight on sections (9-3) and (9-4). Make sure to include all supporting work.

Post Test for All Classes Tues. April 24th

All classes will be taking their annual post-test. This will count as 1 full test grade for mp#4. The questions will cover material from Sept. through April. A review sheet has been provided with the matching solution guide. We will go over it in class on Mon. April 23th.

Update: Quarterly Exam #3 for Math: Mon. 3-26-2018

All math classes will now take their marking period quarterly #3 exam on Monday, March 26, 2018. Each class received a solution guide to the quarterly review sheet and should use the next few days to prepare for this exam. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me. Stay safe!

Quarterly #3 for Pre Calc classes

The date for quarterly #3 for all math classes is: Friday, March 23, 2018. the quarterly review sheet for mp #3 is due on: Monday, March 19, 2018. Questions will be answered in class on Wednesday and Thursday. Please bring all work to class for those review periods.

Due Dates for Pre-Calc/Trig Classes

3/13: take home test (7-6) for honors/academy
3/14: textbook assignments for all classes
3/15: video logs for all classes
3/16: take home test (7-6) for academic
3/19: quarterly review sheet #3

Test (7.1)-(7.5) Pre Calc Academic Wed. 3/7/2018

All academic classes will be having their cumulative test on sections (7.1)-(7.5) on Wed. 3/7/2018. If inclement weather causes a delayed opening or no school at all on that day, the test will be the next full day. Please check website for any changes or updates. 

Test (7.1)-(7.5) Pre Calc Academy/Honors:Thurs. 3/1/18

The Pre-Calc academy and honors classes will be having their cumulative test on sections (7-1)-(7-5). The classes will have class time to practice and review on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

Test (7.1)-(7.2) Pre Calculus Academic

The test on sections (7.1)-(7.2) will be on Friday, January 9, 2018 for period 2 and Monday, January 12, 2018 for period 3.

Test (7-1)-(7-2) Pre Calc H and Academy Tues. 2/6/2018

All honors and academy classes will be having their test on sections (7-1) and (7-2) tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018. A reference sheet will be provided with formulas given for the sector problems ONLY.