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Greetings to one and all. I am Brian Sapinski, one of the many incredible math teachers here at Belleville High School.

My primary focus is Algebra 1, but over my career, I have taught almost every level of math there is to offer, from remedial math courses to Geometry to Discrete Math & Statistics, and even Calculus one time many moons ago. So, if you have a math problem, and your regular teacher isn't available, come find me. I'm always around to help with just about anything.

In fact, here's a couple links you can use to get the ball rolling.

First, to have some fun, here's the premiere episode of the best show there ever was to teach math, Square One TV. Go to the 5:42 mark to try a little math trick that you can dare your friends and family with.

When you're done there, have a look at this video by Vi Hart called "How I Feel About Logarithms". I strongly encourage everyone to watch this video, no matter what your basic math skills are. It will completely blow your mind and change your way of thinking about how numbers work, and can really make you a whiz if you put its ideas to practice.

Enjoy, study well, and I will see all of you in the halls of Belleville.