• To encourage and challenge all students to expand their knowledge and discover their ability to achieve
• To provide a structured classroom environment where students can flourish. Utilizing co-operative learning experiences with clearly stated and attainable goals
• 2014 BHS Teacher of the Year
• 2014 Governor’s Teacher Recognition Award
• A proud member of the BHS Class of ‘81
• A graduate of Seton Hall University (’85) and Western New England College School of Law (’88)
• Served a Judicial Clerkship under the Hon. Anthony Iuliani, JSC, Essex County, New Jersey 1988-1989
• Worked as an associate with the firm of Lorber, Schneider, Nuzzi, Vichness & Bilinkas practicing in the areas of tort law, labor law, real estate law, and criminal and corporate law.
• Founding partner of the Law Offices of Iacullo & Ross, formally located in Glen Ridge, New Jersey.
• Began a teaching career at Belleville High School in 2002.
• Established the BHS Law Related Education Program.
• Licensed by the New Jersey Department of Education in the areas of Social Studies, Business; Economics, Finance, and Law and Teacher of Para-Legal Studies
• Developed curriculum for Law Related Education Courses and established a successful Mock Trial Program at Belleville High School
• Taught as an adjunct professor at DeVry University, North Brunswick, NJ
• Served on the Essex County Law Day Committee 2004-2006; The BHS Middle States Committee 2005-2012, serving as Chair from 2010-2012; BHS Assistant Golf Coach 2009 and BHS Head Golf Coach 2010-2014


Co-Conspirators-When two or more individuals engage in illegal activity; an individual (or dog, in this case) who conspires with one or more others to violate the rules. (No dogs on the bed)
  • Pleading the 5th is a reference to the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution. Making such a plea means that you refuse to answer questions on the grounds that your answers might incriminate you.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Standard Number: 1910.133 Eye and face protection.

OSHA requires employers to ensure the safety of all employees in the work environment. Eye and face protection must be provided whenever necessary to protect against chemical, environmental, and radiological hazards or mechanical irritants.