Belleville High School

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Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! I am Miss Pepe, and I teach English 1A, English1A/INCLUSION, and English 2A. I have been teaching at Belleville High School for thirteen years.

I expect all of my students to complete classwork/homework, major projects, readings and vocabulary assignments, take-home tests, papers/essays, in-class quizzes and tests, and any other work assigned, when it is due. Be prepared for class, and get involved! It makes class more interesting, and our time learning together will just fly by.

If you ever need any extra help or time to makeup any missed quizzes or tests, I strongly encourage you to attend "Study Session" days after school (*schedule of "Study Session" dates will be available) or make an appointment with me to come on any other available days after school. Remember, I am always around to help you if you are struggling or falling behind in class. Come and see me--that's why I am here!!

I know you all possess the ability to succeed in my class! I am looking forward to a fun, exciting, and successful school year with you all!

**Parents/Guardians, if you have any questions regarding your student's success or progress this year, please don't hesitate to contact me. Also, please subscribe to this website.

My email address is:
I encourage all parents and guardians to attend Back to School Night. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Have a great year!
Miss Pepe