Dear Belleville High School Parents and Students:
It is an honor to educate your child. It is a challenge that I take very seriously and I believe it is a blessing to be an educator. I want you to know that I hold every student to very high standards and expect all students to be respectful, compliant with school policy at all times, and never interfere with the education process. I believe that a good classroom utilizes technology frequently, challenges students to think profoundly, encourages teamwork, fosters harmony, and links the past to the present.
I am a National Board Certified Educator in Social Studies, a former White House Intern, a two time international Fulbright Scholar in Ecuador/ Galapagos Islands and Japan, and a James Madison Senior Fellow in Constitutional Law. I was awarded the 2014 New Jersey History Teacher of the Year. i have traveled the globe researching different cultures. I taught in South Korea for one year.
My hobbies include daily sunrise jogs, juggling, and watching non-fiction history documentaries.
Most importantly, I am a proud husband and father. This is the greatest blessing that I could have ever received. On that note, I treat my students like my own children because that that is what I expect my children's educators to do. Therefore, in my class, every student is treated with respect, firmness, and great care. Every student will walk in to a stuctured environment that encourages civil discourse and predictable routines. The learning environment will make learning engaging and fun, and have predictable consequences and rewards for different behaviors without exception.
I look forward to a wonderful school year where your child grows in leaps and bounds academically.
Warm Regards,
Mr. Klotzkin
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