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Welcome to the portal of historical learning!

This US History I - Honors class will provide you the information and learning you need to become an informative young historian and the Sociology class will make you more aware of the sociological events of our time.

All about me:
I have been teaching at Belleville High School for the past 19 years. I teach Sociology and US History I - Honors. 

My class consists of learning through experiences, knowledge and application. I pride myself on teaching my students how to see history as stories in which they will be a part of someday. You can only improve the future through learning how to accept and appreciate the past.

On this website, you will find a link to each class:
US History I - Honors
Students can find projects, assignments, notes, syllabus, etc to keep them updated throughout the school year.

Anything we discuss in class will also be located on these websites for your convenience.

Remember: Hard work will get you forward!!! You WILL have to work in this class and you will rewarded with knowledge and a new outlook on our world.

Check out my attachment which will explain the "Rules of Life".

Let the learning begin.......!!!

Mrs. C. Hurta

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Hello All Parents of US I Honors and Sociology!!

Do not forget to visit Back to School Night @ BHS on Thursday - Sept 15th.
We start at 6:30pm.
I will be introducing myself and my class information. 
See you there.
Christine Hurta