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Welcome to the world of literature.

Mr. Dubuque's English classes will have an opportunity to explore a world rich in character, plot twists and imagination. We will read and comprehend all types of literature from many different genres. Dramas, comedies, science fiction thrillers and romances will be covered. We will also cover a vast number of non fiction pieces including persuasive texts, informational pieces, biographies and auto-biographies.

We will look at writing in a new light. We will use our imaginations to create ideas that dazzle the senses and produces thought. We will create essays that prove, persuade or inform.

"Anyone who ever gave you confidence, you owe them a lot."


Lesson plans 10/12/17

PARCC classes will log on to newsela and complete the assigned reading and quiz. Cereal companies.
English 2 classes will begin reading House Taken Over.