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Belleville Science Dept. Philosophy:

Children have natural curiosity about the world around them and an innate love of learning. The goal of science teacher should be to nurture this curiosity and love of learning by developing science lessons that encourage careful observation, teamwork, experimentation, problem solving, and the communication of ideas.

In the earliest grades students begin conducting hands-on investigations to discover the answers to the kinds of questions that often ask. Questions such as: Why do heavy ships float? How are rocks made? How does sound travel? How does an electric circuit work?
In the middle and upper grades, students delve into a wider range of science topics and problems while carrying out more sophisticated laboratory investigations. They begin to discuss ethical issues surrounding the use of new scientific technologies and they begin to seriously explore the wide range of exciting and rewarding career opportunities in the field of science.

Whether or not they choose science as a career, all of our students will eventually become citizens called upon to make decisions in a scientifically advanced and highly technological society; decisions that impact upon themselves, their society, and their environment. Only young people who have grown into scientifically literate citizens will be in a position to analyze information and issues, and make decisions that are informed and responsible.