Belleville High School

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Student Of The Month

Belleville High School Student of the Month – May 2017
By Department
Business and Career Technical Education
Jenisa Esteras-Santana, 11th
Priscilla Tapia, 10th
Alisandra Aleman, 9th
Physical Education/Health & Drivers Education
Nicholas Accomando, 12th
Anne Benice Mendoza, 11th
Social Studies
Katrina Anne Dizon, 12th
Nicolas Penney, 9th
Visual and Performing Art
Isabella Mattingly, 11th
World Languages
Janelle Mc Cann, 9th
Special Recognition Award
Danielle Sharpe, 9th
Belleville High School Student of the Month – 2017
May’s Overall Student of the Month
Katrina Anne Dizon, 12th