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Dr. Recep Balki » Welcome Back

Welcome Back

I am your physics teacher. This is my 18th year in teaching and 2nd year in Belleville High School. My Bachelor's degree is in Teaching Physics and my master's degree is in Teaching Secondary School Math & Science.  My master's thesis was about Learning Management Systems. My Ph.D. is in Labor Economics and my thesis is about Workplace Situational Awareness.
This year I will be teaching Academic Physics and Introduction to Engineering which is a new course for our Academy level students. I am also an experienced SAT Math instructor. 
My main goal is to show the students that physics is not a nightmare! I will be focusing on the main concepts and expecting a basic understanding of physic terms. I will also teach physics by using math as little as I can so that the math level of the students will not be a big challenge to achieve physics. 
Please don't hesitate to contact me at