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Mr. Mario Pedro » Welcome


  Dear Parents,  

            Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year. My name is Mr. Pedro and I am very excited to join the teaching staff here at Belleville High School. I have been an educator for 14 years and feel privileged to start my fifteenth year with your children as my students in my English I or English III classes. In addition to making our learners into tomorrow's leaders, our classroom's expectations and norms will revolve around three essential core values of: "Show Up," "Be Brave" and "I am Enough."  


            I ask that my students Show Up every day. This means more than just coming to school on time. I am asking that my students show up ready and willing to learn and give it their best every day. I ask that they Be Brave and ask those burning questions in their minds without fear of being judged or being wrong. Our classroom is a place of learning and growth. Finally, I ask that my students know and feel that they are Enough. When students believe and say to themselves, “I am Enough” they face their day with more confidence and their futures with more passion. This is how LEARNERS are turn into LEADERS.  


         I look forward to meeting you all at our Back to School events!  




      Mario J. Pedro 

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