B.H.S. Student Earns a Prestigious Scholarship by Excelling in the Transition Program

Belleville High School Student Senior Kayla DiAndrea received a $1000 “Grow NJ Kids scholarship.” Kayla DiAndrea participates in the Belleville High School Transition Program. She works at the Sandy Lane Nursery School in Belleville, NJ.

The Department of Human Services, Division of Family Development (DHS/DFD) Grow NJ Kids scholarship initiative provides educational opportunities for programs and Family Child Care providers enrolled in Grow NJ Kids. The scholarship funds are aimed to support teachers, paraprofessionals, and providers interested in completing coursework for the Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential, Associate’s Degree coursework, Bachelor’s Degree coursework, and P-3 Teacher Certification coursework.

The Belleville High School Transition Program provides 11th and 12th grade students the opportunity to work during school hours in an effort to develop their career skills. Students in the Belleville High School Transition Program work in domains such as Sandy Lane Nursery School, ShopRite, the Fitness Center, and other places of work to give students learning and working experiences.

Belleville High School educator and  Transition Program Coordinator, Mr. Leonard Wilson said, “The Transition Program mission statement is to empower young people to transition from school to adult life as responsible, contributing citizens by maximizing employment potential, independence, and integration into the community. I’ve been running this program for 3 years and it's fantastic to see our Belleville program going good, and I’m extremely proud of Kayla.”

In addition to Kayla winning the $1,000 scholarship, she has also been hired for a full-time job at the Sandy Lane Nursery School. Kayla extended gratitude to the Transition Program and the Co-directors of the Sandy Lane Nursery School Jenny Clarena Grande and Angela Cheney   for achieving these milestones. Several other Belleville student workers have also landed paid positions through the Transition Program.

Kayla said, “I'm excited, I'm grateful. If students want an amazing learning experience, they should consider applying for participation in the Transition Program. I plan to continue my education and get certified by the CDA. I want to be an exceptional student and worker.”