Belleville High School Educator Wins Esteemed “My Favorite Teacher” Contest


April 11, 2016-Belleville, NJ-   Mr. Gerard Fabiano, Belleville High School educator, was chosen by the Clifton Commons Barnes & Noble as their winner of the company’s “My Favorite Teacher Contest.” And after that, he was also selected as the entire northern NJ district winner. The “Barnes & Noble My Favorite Teacher Contest,” was created seven years ago. It provides middle and high school students with the opportunity to tell their communities how much they appreciate their teachers. 

Students can nominate their teacher by writing essays, poems or thank-you letters that share how their teacher has influenced their life and why they appreciate and admire their teacher.  Entries are judged on the compelling nature of the teacher’s qualities, the sincerity of the student’s appreciation and the quality of expression and writing. 


The five regional winning teachers will each receive a $500 Barnes & Noble Gift Card. The winner of the "Barnes & Noble Teacher of the Year" award nationally will receive $5,000 and will be recognized at a special event at a Barnes & Noble store. The winning teacher's school will receive $5,000 as well.

In addition, if Mr. Fabiano wins the “Barnes & Noble National Teacher of the Year,” the nominating student-Belleville High School Senior Christopher Andrade- will win a $500 Barnes & Noble gift certificate and a NOOK device. Also, if Mr. Fabiano wins nationally, both Mr. Fabiano and Christopher Andrade will be honored at the Clifton Commons Barnes & Noble store in a formal award ceremony.

Christopher Andrade said, “From the first moment I met Mr. Fabiano, he always inspired me. He worked with me long hours to co-produce and co-direct the ‘Bully Me This’ anti-bullying video,  dedicated extensive time and resources as a volunteer coach to hone my Soccer skills, taught me both so much academically and about life. I believe that it does not matter how much a teacher knows, it only matters how much a teacher cares. And, Mr. Fabiano knows so much academically yet still cares tremendously for all of his students. As a coach and teacher, he unites his students to feel like one harmonious family.”


Christopher Andrade continued, “Mr. Fabiano is an amazing role model, and it was my honor to write the nominating essay about him. I really appreciated that Mr. Fabiano mentored me in many ways. For example, Mr. Fabiano helped inspire me to apply to my dream School- Full Sail University in Florida. As a result, I will now be majoring in Film Production at Full Sail University.”

In the nomination application, Christopher wrote a heartfelt essay describing why Mr. Fabiano is worthy of this elite award.

Joyce Frommer, Community Business Development Manager of Barnes & Noble at Clifton Commons, reflected on the essay Christopher wrote. She said, “I enjoyed reading Christopher's essay. The essay clearly expressed the ways Mr. Gerard Fabiano changed Christopher’s life. Mr. Fabiano is obviously loved and respected by many as a great teacher and individual. “

Joyce Frommer continued, “We believe that a bookstore is much like a school — both are places of learning and aspiration. The Barnes & Noble corporate mission is to support literacy, the arts and education. The ‘My Favorite Teacher Contest’ is an example of a great program that exemplifies our mission. It honors teachers such as Mr. Fabiano that have vital influences on their students.”

Belleville High School 2015 Governor’s Educator of the Year Mr. Ryan Sheridan   exclaimed, “I am extremely happy that my colleague Mr. Gerard Fabiano won this prestigious award. We work together on innovative student-centered projects. Mr. Fabiano is an educator that has great character and the students love him. His innovative teaching methods profoundly impact the students and the entire Belleville community.”

Mr. Gerard Fabiano said," I am very thankful Christopher thinks so highly of me, and I am very happy he decided to nominate me. When I was notified that I won, I felt extremely honored and excited. I am thankful for the support from Mr. Ryan Sheridan, Principal Mr. Russell Pagano, and Superintendent of Schools Richard D Tomko on all the projects we work on with the students here at Belleville. I truly believe that this is only the beginning for Christopher, he is a student with great character, and I am certain that he will become a very successful person throughout his life."