N.J.I.T Professor Educates Belleville High School Students on Careers in Technology

On Wednesday, January 24th, 2016, the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) educated the students of Belleville High School (B.H.S.) about many different careers that are available in technology.

          Belleville High School Director of Student Services Mrs. Barbara Correnti coordinated this event. She invited NJIT Information Technology Program Senior University Lecturer, Mrs. Lori L. Watrous-deVersterre to speak to over 40 B.H.S. students in a fascinating 45 minute learning session. The presentation was so mesmerizing that students stayed after the presentation for additional questions and answers for 15 minutes.

          Part of the lesson included Mrs. Lori L. Watrous-deVersterre passing around a real pacemaker. Students were taught that the pacemaker requires specialized computer programming to work effectively. She used the pacemaker to explain that advancements in technology has now enabled pacemaker patients to upload diagnostic data, such as battery usage, to a database in the cloud where their doctor can analyze the data remotely.


          This is a major change from a few years ago when people with pacemakers had to frequently visit the doctor to detect the battery level on the pacemaker. She said, “This is one example how technology has liberated people to now go on vacation with a pacemaker without the need for a doctor. All they now need is the battery detector and a laptop and they can check the battery charge themselves.” However, she did warn students that technology could be “a double-edged sword if used inappropriately.”

          Mrs. Lori L. Watrous-deVersterre has an impressive background both in business and academics. She has over 20 years of experience in computer science/technology, has earned four academic degrees, and is currently working on her P.H.D. on Information Systems. She volunteers her time to spread awareness regarding careers in technology to High Schools around New Jersey once a week.

          Mrs. Lori L. Watrous-deVersterre suggested that students consider attending NJIT. For over 130 years, NJIT has been recognized for its commitment to educational excellence. NJIT offers its students an opportunity to explore Information Systems, Information Technology, and Computer Science through a wide array of degree programs. Because technology is constantly changing, NJIT offers one of the most prominent curriculums in technology. Mrs. Lori L. Watrous-deVersterre discussed this in her speech, and encouraged B.H.S students to visit NJIT.

          NJIT, which is comprised of six specialized schools, offers degree programs that were specially integrated and designed to give their students the push they need to succeed in today’s competitive high-tech market. Lori explained that “NJIT is an excellent choice for those who want a career path in technology.”

          She inspired the students to pursue something they enjoy doing, even if technology isn't the desired career path for a student. She advised students to follow their passions. With a smile, she said, "To me, I can't get time back, so I want to do something I like to do, so I can get good at it."

          The students were excited to learn about the variety of careers of technology that existed. Freshman Zayd Rahim remarked,” I found this seminar to be very informative and helpful to me. I learned that there are a multitude of opportunities that exist today in technological professions.”