Knock Out Toxins Assembly

The assembly, coordinated by Mrs. Barbra Correnti, Ms. Nichole Facchinei, Mrs. Jamie Conway, Mr. Steven Crowley, and Mr. Joe Dwyer had told the incredible story of two very brave dogs, Daniel the “Miracle” Beagle, and Shelby the Pitbull. These two dogs miraculously survived two very dire situations, and above all odds, still stand today, helping people as therapy dogs. These canines that were given all reason to hate humans who treated them poorly currently work to make people feel better. Joe Dwyer, Leader of an organization called Daniel’s Dream, rescues dogs that were abused and gives them a second chance. That’s what the assembly was about—giving animals, and humans another chance at happiness.

                During the assembly, many students were swayed to tears by the speech Joe Dwyer had presented. He talked about Shelby the Pitbull, who was used as a bait dog for illegal fights between canines. Shelby, who was battered, beaten, and bruised was rescued by Joe and his team and was treated the way she should’ve been-- with love and respect. 

He also talked about Daniel, the inspiration for the dog rescue organization, who was put in a gas chamber along with 17 other dogs. In the 30 minutes he was put in the chamber, he was the only dog who made it out alive. Today, they both work with Joe and his team to treat patients who are struggling, and make their lives a little better.

                Joe also gave a heartwarming backstory about himself, and how he had faced his own struggles in his life. He had struggled with psoriasis, a skin disease, and how he was bullied constantly for his appearance. Joe, on the verge of suicide met a dog who befriended him and saved Joe’s life. He now returns the favor to all dogs with his program, Daniel’s Dream, which has currently fostered 5 dogs, and has helped 2 of them become adopted by a loving and caring owner.

                The assembly was to inform people that even if you’re struggling, there is always a brighter side to things. Everyone has toxins in their life that they must overcome. The assembly was meant to provide a support net for those who are going through a lot, and to inspire people to help others who are struggling as well.

 Joe Dwyer, a strong example of this, quoted “These dogs have every reason to hate every human, but they don’t. The only way to knockout toxins, is to help others knockout their toxins.”