Breast Cancer Awareness Relay All Day

Even though the weather was cloudy, the events that took place on Thursday, October 29th were bright as ever. On Thursday October 29th, a group of Belleville High School teachers, administrators, and students joined together to host a heart-warming event that was not only a supportive cause, but a celebration of life. Mrs. Porter, an 11 year cancer survivor and the coordinator of the event, alongside Physical Education teacher Mrs. Zenobi, Principal Mr. Pagano, and Assistant Principal Mr. Sanacore had rallied most high school students in the Health and Physical education classes to run around the football field to raise awareness regarding Breast Cancer Prevention. The event, “Relay All Day” included Belleville High School staff and students dedicate time, money and hand-made cards to support the cause. Nearly 1,500 students participated in the festivities.

During the “Relay All Day” all participants walked three quarters of a mile around the track of the Belleville High School football and after they ran they were able to purchase pink ribbons for one dollar. There was approximately 80 dollars raised from ribbon sales, which was used to buy perishable foods for the cause. Earlier that week, Belleville High School students and faculty had collected over 22 whole bags of canned food, which was all donated to St. Peters Church. In turn, St. Peter’s Church distributed the food to  local families in need. Posters were signed, music was played, and all around the Relay was an astounding success.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a widely celebrated cause all across America. The event supported and built a strong community in our school, with students and teachers alike, not only raising spirits, but also touching the hearts of all those who attended.

“The weather was overcast,” Mrs. Porter commented, “but you never fail when you try. I felt an overwhelming sense of support. Everyone came together as a unit. We’re definitely doing it again.”