Big Brother / Big Sister Program

On November 25, 2015 Belleville High School Seniors and Freshmen had another fun educational “Big Brother/ Big Sister” meeting. This is the third time this year that the Seniors and Freshmen met together. Approximately 350 Seniors mentored 350 Freshmen on how to be successful at Belleville High School. Free pizza was served to all the participants so that they could eat and converse in a friendly atmosphere.

Reactions to the educational event were positive.  “I feel like this experience will very much help freshmen survive their first year of high school” exclaimed Freshman Anthony Lopez. “This has been a great year so far!!  I hope we can break down the barriers between Seniors and Freshmen. The Seniors have been showing great leadership,” proudly commented Assistant Principal Mr. Rotonda.  “I feel that the Seniors meeting with the Freshmen might change some Freshmen student’s attitudes” said Senior Arturo Mendez.

The Big Brother/Big Sister Program gives B.H.S. Seniors the opportunity to mentor a member of the Freshmen class. The inspiration for the program came from the Principal of B.H.S. who believed it would create a smoother transition for the former B.M.S. eighth grade students moving into B.H.S. this year. In discussing the program, Principal Mr. Pagano stated, “As an administrator the climate in the school is a big factor, and bringing the school closer together makes us stronger.”


Picture 1 Big Sisters - From left to right:

Freshman Cherylann Nicosia learns from her mentor Senior Krystal Diaz

Picture 2 Big Brothers - From left to right:

Freshman Luis Diaz learns from his mentor “Mr. Belleville” Senior Christian Farrand