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Hello, my name is Deborah A. Strano and I have been teaching in the Belleville Public School District for fifteen years. I look forward to working with the students, parents, and the community to promote responsible driving skills. As a Drivers Education instructor it is important to promote age appropriate decision-making skills and problem-solving skills that would allow the students an opportunity to become safe defensive drivers. 
Please feel free to contact me at any time regarding your son or daughters progress in class or with any questions regarding the New Jersey Graduated Drivers License Program.
Please review the videos for your safety and log onto my web page.

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Belleville High Mock Motor Vehicle Accident May 18, 2015

Students were drinking and driving and texting and driving stuck a utility pole one female student ejected and two others seriously injured as the driver sustained only a cut to his head. Belleville Police, Fireman, and the EMS team responded to attend to the injured. The students were transported to the hospital and the driver of the motor vehicle was arrested for DUI / Driving Under the Influence. Thank you to the Community of Belleville, Police, and Fire Department for your cooperation and assisting in the video.

Belleville High School Crash Course in Driving Safety Part 2 Hospital and Funeral May 20, 2016

Part 2 of the Mock Motor Vehicle Scenario May 20, 2016 Transformed the gym into a Emergency Room and Funeral Parlor Welcome to Belleville Memorial Hospital Belleville Police arrested and transported the driver to the hospital after arresting him for DUI and texting while driving. Belleville Firefighters / EMS transported the injured students of which two were rushed into the operating room and one was being diagnosed when he went into cardiac arrest the AED was used to restart his heart. One young lady that was ejected from the vehicle was pronounced dead while in the operating room and her family was being counseled by the hospital staff grief counselors. The family was later brought to the hospital morgue to identify the body. The other family was waiting anxiously to hear the status of their daughter. She survived with serious injuries. The driver was treated and taken to jail to serve his sentence and he watched the funeral scene to unfold before him. The caskets was donated through Cozzarelli Memorial Funeral Home to make this video as realistic as possible. Thank you to all who participated and assisted with this presentation to include: BHS staff, administration, faculty, students, Mr. Cozzarelli, NJM and NJAPHERD (mini grant), and Ms. Strano's drivers education classes for assisting with the props.
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Ms. Deborah Strano
Teacher of Drivers Education/Physical Education/Health
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973-532-5012 x1631
Teacher of the Year for Drivers Education February 21, 2016 (first award ever for drivers education).

NJAPHERD mini grant 999.47 Oct 2015

Crash Course in Safe Driving
Part 1 May, 18, 2015 refer to video

Part 2 May 20, 2016 refer to video

Chair BHS Student Government Day 2013-- to present

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