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Introduction To Art

Introduction to Art students are currently working on Still Life drawings and paintings. We are concentrating on drawing using correct proportions, identifying the shades and tints of the colors, and mixing colors to make the shadows and highlights in the drawings realistic. 
If you want to see some Still Life drawings and paintings that show how color changes in shadowed and highlighted areas, click on the first link below.To see work by some famous still life artists, click the second link.
Finished student work will be posted soon.

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PARCC Assignment for Computer Graphics

Research a well-known digital artist. (Google "Famous digital artists." You will find fine artists, fantasy artists, game designers and many other types. Choose one.) Write 2 - 3 informational paragraphs describing their work, their background and training, how old they are and how/where their work is seen and appreciated by the public.


5 abstract photos in which the subject is shapes and patterns formed by objects, architecture, or nature. The actual objects do not have to be recognizeable. The idea is to showcase patterns and rhythms,rather than things. As always, focus, lighting and composition are essential to think about.
See this article for good examples:


Use the time to complete sketchbook assignments for the 4th marking period. A recap of the assignments:
Due 4/20 Detailed close-up of a specific, recognizable fish. (Use the internet to look at photos of specific kinds of fish.)
Due 4/27 Draw something you can use to make music. Shade using a full range of values and show as much detail as possible. 
Due 5/4  Draw the contents of one of your drawers. (Only do this in school if you have taken a photo to refer to.)
Due 5/11 Look online to find a famous painting that is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Make a sketch of it. Label it with the name of the artist and the title.
Due 5/18 Draw garbage. You may draw what you see looking into a trash can, or something else that you think is a good illustration of "garbage."
Due 5/25 Draw your feet looking down at them. Your ankles/legs are connected to your feet and should go off the bottom of the page.
Due 6/1  Draw a comic strip of yourself doing something you want to do this summer, using 3 or more frames.