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Mathematics Teacher

My name is Mrs. Anita Sbarra and I am a math teacher at Belleville High School. This my 30th year teaching in the Belleville district. I look forward to sharing many rewarding experiences for my students during this school year. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I can be reached at Thank you for your support! Have a great year!


Recent Posts

Pre Calc H Test (2-1)-(2-2) Friday, October 20, 2017

Pre Calc H and Pre Calc Academy classes will be having their test on sections (2-1)-(2-2) on Friday, October 20th. A study guide will be given out on Wednesday to prepare for this test.

Important Dates: End of MP #1 Information

10/23/17: Project for Academy classes
10/27/17: Video Logs MP #1
10/30/17: Quarterly #1 Review Sheet
10/31/17: Quarterly #1 Exam all math classes

Upcoming Assessments Week of 10/2/17

Pre-Calc Academy/Honors Classes: Mon 10/2 Sections (1-5)-(1-6)
Pre-Calc Academic Classes: Wed 10/4 Sections (1-5)-(1-6)
All Classes: Fri 10/6 Pre-Test for 2017-18 school year.

Test (1.1)-(1.3) Pre-Calc. A.

Pre-Calculus Academic classes will be having their test on sections 1.1 through 1.3 on Friday, September 22, 2017.

Test (1.1)-(1.3) on Thurs. 9/21/17

Pre-Calculus Academy and Pre-Calculus Honors classes will be having their test on sections (1.1)-(1.3) on Thursday, 9/21/17. Students will be receiving an extra practice worksheet as well as a study guide to prepare for this test.

Summer Packet Assessment

Summer Packet Assessment for the 3 afternoon classes is this Thursday, Sept. 14, 2017 ( periods 5, 6, and 7). The assessment for the other classes (periods 2, 3) is Friday, Sept. 15, 2017.

Summer Packets for Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calc, Statistics

 Please be advised that the following classes that your son or daughter will be taking next year require a summer assignment: Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, and Statistics.There is a separate assignment that will be given to students taking Calculus AP. Students were given a copy of the letter explaining this requirement. If any parent or guardian did not see this letter, please email me and I will provide your son/daughter with another copy. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know. Sincerely, Mrs. Anita Sbarra

Quarterly Assessments for MP#4

 Period 3 Algebra 1A and Period 4 Pre-Calc. H: Thursday, June 15, 2017
 Period 6 Algebra 1A:  Friday, June 16, 2017
 Period 7 Algebra 1A:  Monday, June 19, 2017
 Period 2 Pre-Calc H:  Tuesday, June 20, 2017
Makeups will only be given with a valid excuse and arrangements must be made with the teacher prior to June 22, 2017.

Take Home Quiz Section (9-4) Quad. Formula for Period 3

 The students in period 3 Algebra 1A class will be doing their last quiz at home tonight. It is on section (9-4) The Quadratic Formula. They may use a calculator and their class notes. All work must be provided. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at:

Quiz on Section (9-4) Periods 6 and 7 Algebra 1A

Periods 6 and 7 Algebra 1A classes will be having a quiz on the section involving the quadratic formula and the discriminant. Students my bring their notes (with formulas) to use as a reference sheet for this quiz ONLY.

Test (8-2)-(8-5) Algebra 1A Period 3 ONLY

Period 3 Algebra 1A will be having a test on solving quadratic equations, on Wednesday, May 31, 2017. Students may bring their class notes to use as a reference sheet, for this test only.

PARCC Algebra 1A Friday, May 5, 2017 and Monday May 8, 2017

All algebra classes will be taking the PARCC exam for Algebra 1. Units 1 and 2 will be given on Friday, May 5, 2017. Unit 3 will be given on Monday, May 8, 2017. Please make sure to arrive to school at the regular time and report directly to your testing room. Make sure to bring the index card I gave you with the room number and session number. GOOD LUCK!!

Take Home Test (9-3) (9-4) Due Friday, May 5, 2017

The take home test for sections (9-3)-(9-4), for all Pre-calculus classes, is due this Friday, May 5, 2017. Please make sure that it is dropped off to me before school, during school, or after school, even if our class does not meet on that day.