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Dear Parents,
Back to School Night is Thursday September 28, 2017! Hope to see you all there!

Welcome to Mr. Pereira's Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 class website! Please do not hesitate to email me if you believe we need communication beyond OnCourse.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our class rules below.


• Arrive to class before the late bell in an orderly, respectful manner.
• Be prepared with your textbook, 1 large spiral-bound notebook, pencils, and graphing calculator (if you have one) or basic calculator.
• Enter the day's class objectives into your notebook (located on the white board each day).
• Have your classwork notebook open and ready to take class notes.
• Participate actively and respectfully during class discussions and activities.
• Be respectful at all times towards other students and me.
• Do not pack up until period-ending bell.
• Exit the classroom in an orderly, respectful manner.

Extra Help

•  Upon your verbal request to me for additional help, I am generally available on Wednesdays after 2:35 PM in Room 166 or other times as agreed.

Missed Classwork

• If you are absent or missing from class, you are responsible for the work and assignments you missed. You must contact a “buddy” classmate, or me, for the work and assignments you missed. Please coordinate with one or more other students (call, text or email) to determine the assignment(s) that you missed. When in doubt, we generally progress at the rate of one section within a chapter per day.

Make Up’s

• Quizzes/Tests – Must be made up during the next enrichment session immediately following your return to class after an absence. It is your responsibility to have continued your studies during your absence and to attend the next enrichment session to make up the quiz or test you missed.


• Behavioral issues, although unusual in my class, will not be tolerated and will negatively impact upon your class participation grade. They will be dealt with via normal channels, i.e., student/teacher conferences, parent/teacher conferences, teacher detention, referral to guidance, discipline report, and administrative intervention. Harassment, Intimidation or Bullying of other students will be dealt with according to the legal NJ HIB legislation.

I look forward to a school-year filled with learning in preparation for college. It is my pleasure to be involved with you and your children in helping them to fulfill their intellectual needs prior to their college entrance.

Mr. Pereira

Helpful Websites


There are several websites that can assist in doing homework.