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B.S. Mathematics-Secondary Education/East Stroudsburg University
B.S. Masters of Education / East Stroudsburg University
M.Ed Masters of School Administration/East Stroudsburg University

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

Welcome to the new school year. I would like your child to have the best possible success in my class. To do this, your child needs to develop and adapt their learning to 21st century demands. This means, you also play a vital role in shaping your child’s education and I would encourage a team approach to aid your child to be successful in his or her education. The importance of mathematics holds great magnitude in today’s world. It is required for many college degrees and is ever present in almost all jobs now. The nature of mathematics trains the brain to think logically for essential problem solving skills. With this in mind, I would like to offer some free on line resources to guide your child to become a more self-directed learner and become more comfortable with using technology. The link to the parent letter is located below.


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Newly discovered free math site for great practice... read more below

www. has lessons on numerous topics with short tutorials, practice online problems with instant feedback and practice quizzes. You can use your practice time for internet log sheet for marking period incentive described in post "internet log"

So very close to our text with tutorials, self-check quizzes, and extra examples

These texts are available through Glencoe-McGraw Hills Online Learning Center. If you examine the chapters and sections they are the same or at some point just one chapter or section off. You can have Mr. Hardesty, Mrs. Workman & others explain the problem over and over without getting tired. See the tutorials under chapter and section. You can take self-check quizzes and submit answers with immediate feedback as to whether they are correct. Unfortunately the pages referenced do not apply since this is not the exact text. Also, there are teacher examples in text if all you need to see is another problem. Check it out! Enter state: NJ subject: mathematics, Get Resources: Algebra 1 or 2, whichever applies. Choose the latest text version 2010. The algebra 2 text has a volley ball player & the algebra 1 has a runner.

internet log sheet

 Details in regards to internet log incentive for Q4 are clarified as follows: 
  • Maximum 3 logs accepted during Q4
  •  Not more than 1 internet log can be turned in per week provided you do not have a current log in progress or a rework requested on any current log
  • There must be substantial and correct practice of the skill other than homework in class attached as proof of evidence. This topic must be a current topic from in class instruction. See me if you have any questions as to what substantial means on your topic of research.
  • Students must print the internet log sheet on their own.
  • Last log accepted for marking period 4  6-2 Friday, This means no internet log sheets will be accepted last 2 plus weeks in the marking period. Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS.

Next upcoming assessments

 Periods 1 & 8 7.1-4 Thursday 4-20. You will need to camera shot my text for answers on mid chapter test pg. 484 and financial examples pg.464 (#6, 20-23) on Tuesday. Be prepared to ask questions Tuesday & Wednesday in class or see me early in Room 161 in the am..... all problems are great study guide. They represent a selection of what is on your test.
Assessment: expect to graph one exponential model and one logarithmic function with a, h, and k. Solve logarithmic and exponential equations and inequalities. Make sure you can do #6 in the mid-chapter test.
periods 3-5 sections 9.1,2, & 5 by next Tuesday latest ( 4-27)

Ms. Renee DiGioacchino
Teacher of Math
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(973) 532-5012 x1160