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Hi all!
Welcome to my webpage! Please check on course as often as possible to keep up with your students progress in my class. 
My email is in case you would like to contact me.


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Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!

I look forward to working with all of you.  You can find your homework posted here every day.  Any questions or concerns email me:


Parcc Testing starts next Monday.  Students are being given their room assignments and dates of testing in their math classes, today and tomorrow.

Quarterly Exams

Quarterly 3 Exams for all math classes are tomorrow, Thursday March 30th!!  Study your review sheets!

Friday, March 3rd at the Library

Hello students,
You have 3 links below to practice factoring and 2 links to practice PARCC.  Do as much as you can, here and at home.  Write down any and all problems that you do so that you can get credit.  The factoring will help you study for next weeks test.  The Parcc will help you on the state test in May.  
Ms. Collis

Algebra 2 Classes in the Library 2/3/2017

This week you will take 2 practice quizzes.  One on division and the other on properties of exponents.  There is a total of 12 questions on the two quizzes.  The links are right under this.  Please right down all 12 problems in your notebook and show the work......I will be checking this for a homework grade on Monday.  After you finish, scroll down to the practice parcc link and do the first problem only today.  

1/13/17 at the Library

Today at the library you will visiting the links below.  You will do 5 problems from the Khan Academy Website-solving systems of equations in 2 variables.  Then, 2 problems from the Cliffnotes Website, solving systems of equations in 3 variables and lastly, 2 problems from the PARCC website ( #6 and #9). You are to finish the work for homework if you did not complete it in class.   All problems must be written in your notebook and you will be given a grade for it on Tuesday, January 17th.