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Welcome to the Webpage of Mr. Brown!

Hello and welcome to my website!
My name is Patrick Brown and I am proud to say I am a ninth grade English Teacher here at Belleville High School! My interest in literature is as diverse as my passion is genuine. As an educator and facilitator in English Lit., I have a keen and steadfast interest in encouraging my students toward passions of their own and strive to show them, through example, that the desire to educate oneself can be fun and exciting and, most importantly, a lifelong experience.
As a teacher, I am keenly interested in becoming a facilitator to young students. As they learn to navigate their way through a life brimming with learning experiences, I hope to facilitate the adventure by instilling an unending curiosity in literature so they may apply it to the world they come to discover. I feel strongly in the commitment to help stir this compassion by inspiring them to read and write at a rigorous academic level. Instilling this discipline will, I believe, spark a desire to think critically making English Literature a truly enriching experience.

Students!!  We're going to be working on Greek 'Creation Myth' posters and timelines! The posters with the most votes will be featured here on my website! Good Luck!


Parents and Students:
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Requirements for Pearl Essay

                               Requirements for Pearl Essay                  Mr. Brown

  • Must be 5 paragraphs
  • Introduction (Including thesis statement)
  • 1st thesis paragraph
  • 2nd thesis paragraph
  • 3rd thesis paragraph
  • Conclusion
  • Must have at least 3 citation quotes from book
  • Must include a rebuttal statement (meaning a counterpoint that might be said against your argument)
  • Must be Times New Roman (same as the type you are reading now)
  • Must be 12 point type (same as the type size you are reading now)
  • Use formal language; Do not use slang; Do not even contract verbs.
    For example; Write out “do not” instead of “don’t” “is not” instead of “isn’t”
  • A three point thesis statement at the end of your introduction paragraph.

    Example: “It is important for High Schools to offer volleyball tournaments because it gives student a chance to be competitive, it creates a spirit of community, and it improves the health of teenagers.”


The following will be the page set up for your essay:

Mr. Brown

Your Title

            You should indent for every paragraph that you start just like this sentence. This will be the introduction to your essay and you will follow this set up for the remainder of your essay.

When you cite a quote from a book, you will do it like this:
For example, Steinbeck states that,  ”Kino stood perfectly still. He could hear Juana whispering the old magic again, and he could hear the evil music of the enemy” (Steinbeck, pg 1).

It is important to put the authors name in parenthesis followed by the page number you find your quote right after the quote (as seen above).


Some Essay prompts to choose from:

  1. One important element of The Pearl is the contrast between fate and human action, between the destiny that is made for us and the destiny that we make ourselves. How do these forces interact in Kino’s story? To what extent is Kino responsible for his own demise? To what extent is fate responsible?
  2. Some critics read The Pearl as a very specific critique of the American dream of wealth and success. Is this reading plausible, or does it limit it unnecessarily? If the story is about the American dream, why is it set in a colonial Mexican society?
  3. What role does family play in The Pearl? How does the loyalty of Kino’s family members (especially Juana) affect his actions? Is Juana correct to be so submissive to him? Does she have a choice? How can we consider this a feminist reading?
  4. Trace the symbolism of the pearl throughout the novel. What various things does the pearl symbolize? What does it mean to Kino at different stages of the novel?
  5. Trace Kino’s development from man to animal to machine. Discuss why these changes occurred within Kino. Then, explain what Kino is at the end of the novel (man, animal, or machine) when he “drew back his arm and flung the pearl with all his might” back into the sea.



Winter Break!

I sincerely hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable winter break!
A friendly reminder to period 1, you'll be taking your Pearl quiz when we get back on Wednesday. Find a little time to study. :)
Be safe!

Quarter 2 Assessments

Dear Parents and Students,
Quarter 2 Assessment grades can now be found on OnCourse!

Quarterly 2 Exams COMING UP!

English 1: Be sure to study short stories, 'Poison' and 'Gift of the Magi.'
Keep studying 'The Pearl.'
English 2: Be sure to study Macbeth. Place an emphasis on Macbeth and Lady Macbeth speeches.

Progress Reports

Hi Parents and Students!
Be sure to check OnCourse for the 1st round of progress reports for the 2nd marking period.
Wishing you all the best!
Mr. Brown