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Mission Statement

Belleville High School Mission Statement

2016-17 Belleville High School Mission Statement


Belleville High School is a culturally diverse academic community of stakeholders who all work together to create an emotionally uplifting environment where students feel empowered to reach their full potential, both academically and socially, while participating in 21st Century learning in the Arts and Sciences. We encourage bold and innovative utilization of technology to guarantee life-long learning in this complex and competitive world by fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and safety, thereby freeing the minds and spirits of our students to bravely and assertively take their places as leaders in society and in the world.

From Start to Finish



Belleville High School’s Building Goals


Goal Number 1: School Climate

By the end of the school year 2016-17, the data will demonstrate a five (5) percent increase from the staff climate survey that was completed in the spring of 2016 school year.  The increase will be reflective of the improvement of the overall score from the six categories of the Staff Climate Survey.

Physical Environment, Emotional Environment, Teaching and Learning, Relationships, Community Engagement, and Moral in School

  • Increase the number of participants responding to the survey including: secretaries, custodians, para professionals, teachers/staff, cafeteria workers and Administrators.
  • Continue with Enrichment PLC meetings.
  • Continue with teacher prep time as per contract.
  • Departmental Quotes throughout the building.
  • Facilities walkthroughs by administration.
  • Reporting of plant issues immediately by staff members.
  • Beautification Incentives
  • The addition of the Dean of Student’s position
  • Increase the Administration presence in the hallways and classrooms.
  • The return of the Peer Conflict Resolution Program.
  • Continue with the Student of the Month Program.
  • Using walkthroughs and observations to give useful feedback.
  • Revising of the Enrichment Program
  • The implementation of GradPoint Core
  • Discipline Tracker provided by OnCourse
  • Parent portal on OnCourse
  • Continue with Staff and Student activities programs
  • Implementation of the Belleville High School Events Committee
  • Increase communications between staff, students, community and administrations

Goal Number 2: Reducing Student Failures

By the end of the school year 2016-17, Belleville High School will reduce the number of individual course failures by twenty (20) percent from the 2015-16 final Y1 grade.

  • Implementation of Quarterly Assessments
  • Implementation of Math and English Labs
  • National Honor Society Tutoring
  • Increase the amount of teacher/student tutoring time
  • Redesign of the Enrichment program
  • PLC’s
  • Best practices
  • Common Planning
  • PARCC Data
  • School Based Focus on Specific ELA Standard
  • Math Department Focus on Specific Math Standards
  • Science Department Focus on Specific Science Standards
  • School Wide Initiative to Increase Writing Skills.
  • Student Buy In
  • Implementation of the GradPonit Program
  • Timely submission of all grades
  • Increase student attendance
  • Differentiation
  • Increase Technology

Goal Number 3: Increase Student PARCC Scores

Based on the Multi-Test Administration of the PARCC assessment, there will be a four (4) percent increase in the number of the students successfully passing the Standardized PARCC Assessment in each testing area according to the 2017 graduation cut off scores.


  • PARCC Data
  • School Based Focus on Specific ELA Standard
  • Math Department Focus on Specific Math Standards
  • Science Department Focus on Specific Science Standards
  • School Wide Initiative to Increase Writing Skills.
  • PARCC like test questions on test and quarterly assessments
  • Computer generated testing during instruction time
  • Identifying low scoring standards
  • Implementation of each area’s district action plan

Goal Number 4: By January 2017, 80% of all Belleville High School educators will have 80% of their students and/or parents  subscribe to their Belleville High School Edlio teacher Website.


  • In the Fall of 2016, Educators will receive district provided professional development training on how to develop outstanding website.
  • Teacher/Administration will provide time for students to access the website during school hours.
  • Educators will enhance their website so it is user friendly
  • Educators will encourage their students and the student’s parents to subscribe to their website at the beginning of the 2016-2017 academic year via classroom announcements, letters home, open school night announcements, and other creative ways.
  • Educators will link their Oncourse homework assignments to their website. Educators will include on their website supplemental learning resources, review sheets, syllabi, and class rules.

As an ongoing process for us at Belleville High School, we are dedicated in working on our accreditation daily. We are constantly looking for community stakeholders to meet with our Middle States Committee on a bi-yearly basis. If interested, please call 973-532-5012 ext. 1610.